Association de la Communaute Haitienne de Calgary
Haitian Association of Calgary

Our goal is to bring Haitians in Calgary around the table to share knowledge, experience and resources in order to rediscover our strength in unity for a prosperous future in our community.

In the strong and ancient tradition of people coming together to promote culture, diversity, language and history, the Haitian Association of Calgary was created. We are striving to make a difference within the Haitian community as we contribute to the preservation not only of our past, but also our culture and our identity.

We pledge to increase awareness and understanding of our history. We promote our culture, art, music customs and our Creole language through different organized event throughout the year.

Our aim is to bring together Haitians of all walks of life to serve and meet the various needs of our growing group: to share knowledge, experience and resources in order to rediscover our strength in unity for a prosperous future.

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The Haitian Association of Calgary - L’Association de la Communaute Haitienne de Calgary (ACHC) – was formed in August 1997 as a non-profit organization under the Alberta Society Act by a group of Haitians living in Calgary, Alberta.


It all started when…

a few Haitians decided to meet on weekends and holidays to play dominoes, eat, drink, listen to music and engage in lively conversations. Soon after, this small group grew to approximately fifty plus - when you add family and friends … you do the math! Before you know it, activities were occurring on a regular basis.

Due to the positive interaction displayed during these events by this group of Haitians, Deslandes Larrieux saw the need to re-open the Haitian Association and decided to approach a selected few to introduce the idea. After many meetings at each other’s homes, ACHC was created and registered by the following Haitians: Deslandes Larrieux, Elda Harris, Naomie Fevry-Delva, Olibrice Cesaire, Urbain Louissaint and Yvon Thevenin.

Executive Team

The ACHC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The current executive is:

President - Natacha Pierre-Pierre

Vice President - Pierre Beldor

Treasurer/Secretary - Elda Harris-Moise

Director at Large - Jean-Robert Ambroise

The executive is elected at the Annual General Meeting in December every two years and serves for a term of two years. If you have any questions for the executive, please email